SmartConsole gets stuck on this screen at startup:

SmartConsole Web Client shows the following error when trying to access the calandars management:

It is, however, possible to access the Shared Objects page from the server where Shared Objects is installed.


A probable cause for this error is that SmartConsole configuration file has outdated information or the URL has been wrongly typed when it was introduced. In order to verify this, please check the following tag in the file \SmartConsole\config\Kernel.cfg:

<SharedObjects Url="">

The URL address contained between the quotes, should be the same used when accessing Shared Objects locally (replacing the localhost ip, by the server ip or computer name). 


Suppose your are accessing Shared Objects locally on the server SRV01, where it's installed, like this:

Then the tag the tag in \SmartConsole\config\Kernel.cfg should look like this:

<SharedObjects Url="http://SRV01:8444/">


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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018