On Windows 2008 and above it is not possible to change the Keyboard layout in Windows session 0 when accessing SmartConsole using the "Interactive Services Detection" service. 

This might be a problem if Business Views' names are in English, and Windows Language is set, for instance, to Japanese. When trying to edit Business View's names, characters will appear in Japanese and it will not be possible to write in English. 

For SmartConsole version 7.5 there is no possible work around, as configuration can only be edited in session 0. 

There are two possible workarounds for version 8.0: - You can edit SmartConsole configuration (Business View names, alarms, etc.) from the Web Client, which adopts your browser's keyboard layout, which can easily be changed on Windows. - Stop the SmartConsole Service, and start SmartConsole as an application, which will load using the Keyboard layout from the user which has started SmartConsole. After editing, SmartConsole can be stopped and started again as a Service.

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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018