Problem description / Issue description

If there was an old version of the RunCommandv3 in your client system then as soon as you start a monitor that uses the engine, it will raise an error 121.
If you read further the locallog.log file, you’ll find this kind of messages:

CRITICAL - RunCommandV3: CRPCChannel::connectToRemotePipes() - Could NOT connect to remote cancellation pipe '\\localhost\pipe\T4RCEM_processNLAMSS013-5488-7616-1363797640' on server 'localhost'. Error: (121) - The semaphore timeout period has expired.

Cause (optional)

The new version of the RunCommandv3 engine includes an extra tool within it. It creates and deletes a file and a service each time a command is executed remotely.

So, when working with agents that use the RunCommandV3 engine, it will be created a new service called "Remote Command Execution Manager" in the remote system.

If the service does not exist in the remote system then a new executable file called T4RCEM.exe will be also created in the Windows System folder (windows\system32). There will be also a process T4RCEM.exe running in your system.


1) Stop the monitors that are experiencing this error
2) Stop ThinkServer service
3) Kill the process called T4RCEM in the client system (the box that has installed and running the ThinkServer service)
4) Delete the service Remote Command Execution Manager service executing this command into the DOS command line: sc delete t4rcem
5) Delete the file T4RCEM.exe located in the folder ..\Windows\system32
6) Start the ThinkServer service
7) Start the monitors that were experiencing this error


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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018