How to use the tool

  1. From the ThinkServer config directory (usually C:\Program Files\Tango04\ThinkServer):
    Select the “source file name”: it will be used as template. You will recognize the config file that you want because the monitor’s name is embedded at the end of the config file name.
  2. Create a “target_file.csv”: it will be used as filter to select the monitor to change
  3. Select the ThinkServer config directory path (usually C:\Program Files\Tango04\ThinkServer)
  4. Create an Inclusion/exclusion filter (“filter_file.csv”): it will be used to migrate portions of the configuration
  5. Migration options & click to Migrate:
    • Options for the monitor config: it will only be used when there’s NO filter file (it is none of them, inclusion or exclusion). It will indicate if the migration should be of all the nodes of the monitor, only of monitor node options or only of script node options. In any case, it shouldn’t be used if you’re not familiar with the migration manager.
    • Options for health event migration: it will be used when you want to change the “Set Health Settings” or “Generate Event Settings” of your monitors.
    • Options for the datasource config: its use will be restricted for advanced users and you should ask for help to the migration manager’s developer.

How to create a filter file

To create the inclusion/exclusion filter you will have to:

  1. Open (with Notepad/Notepad++) the monitor you are going to copy.
  2. Look for the portion of the monitor you want to copy
  3. Create the path to arrive until the portion of configuration that you must copy

When you open the file: you should replace “><” by “>\n<” in order to see the text in several lines


For example, if you want to copy the “PreEventAction”, the filter will be:



  1. From the ThinkServer config directory, C:\Program Files\Tango04\ThinkServer:

    We select the “MONf5627602-8130-11e0-c000-000000000000-4012-5896-TEST.cfg”: it will be used as template.
  2. We create the“TargetWind.csv”, which is“Lightweight Disk Usage”: it will change all the Lightweight Disk Usage monitors.
  3. We select the ThinkServer config directory path: C:\Program Files\Tango04\ThinkServer
  4. We create an Inclusion filter (“FilterWind.csv”): it will migrate the “PostEventActions” to all “Lightweight Disk Usage”.

Still have questions? We can help. Submit a case to Technical Support.

Last Modified On: October 24, 2018