Problem description / Issue description

When you are doing the update of Thinkserver, the first step the installer will do, is to backup de Thinkserver folder. In certain operating systems, the lenght of the path won't support filenames longer than 255 characters; so if the name of the path_directory + filename exceeds this number, the installer will raise an exception.


Cause (optional)

It's due to a limitation in older operating systems, where the name of paths + filenames can't exceed the quantity of 255 characters.


When the installer asks wether you want to make an automatic backup or not:
1) Cancel the upgrade
2) Backup manually the Thinkserver folder
3) Start again the upgrade program and select not to make an automatic backup.

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An alternative to xcopy, could be the use of Robocopy.


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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018