Problem description / Issue description

You may get this error on Linux Security Agents:

Error executing script: SetHealth of Monitor: XXXXX-Linux SSH Logon Success Monitor Operation: Executing scripts Error: <type 'exceptions.NameError'>: name 'US' is not defined
File "PythonScriptCondition", line 28, in <module>

Exception importing modules
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "PythonScriptCondition", line 19, in <module>
File ".\PythonLib\Lib\TSExtensions\UnixSecurity\", line 17, in <module>
File ".\PythonLib\Lib\TSExtensions\CUnixSecurity\", line 39, in __init__
File "TSExtensions\src\", line 510, in __init__
File "TSExtensions\src\", line 548, in _LoadPersistedData




The corruption of a persistent file called “user_inactivity.dat” located in “…\Thinkserver\PythonLib\Lib\PythonSub\TSExtensions\UnixSecurity” is the cause.


1) Stop Thinkserver service
2) Browse to "…\Thinkserver\PythonLib\Lib\PythonSub\TSExtensions\UnixSecurity" and locate "user_inactivity.dat"
3) Delete "user_inactivity.dat"
4) Browse to “…\ThinkServer\PythonLib\Lib\TSExtensions”, locate “shared.pyo” and make a backup of the file by changing its extension, like “shared.bck”
5) Put the attached “shared.pyo” (Unzip it from in this article into “…\ThinkServer\PythonLib\Lib\TSExtensions”
6) Start Thinkserver service 

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Last Modified On: June 10, 2021