Problem description 

The problem appears when you have a set of Windows Operations monitors which retrieves messages from a remote Windows Server 2012. The result is that the monitors will stay in UNKNOWN status.

As it appears in the image, there are other Windows Operations monitors which are working fine, however, some of them are in UNKNOWN status.

You can even try to connect through WBEMTEST connection and everything will work fine

But, the problem persists.

Context information

The problem occurs only when the remote servers are Windows Server 2012.  


Attached to this article you will find the solution. There is a dll file which needs to be installed on the ThinkServer server. In order to do that:

  1. Stop ThinkServer service
  2. Go to ..\Tango04\ThinkServer\libs
  3. Backup the "WindowsAgent.dll" file
  4. Paste there the file attached to this article
  5. Start ThinkServer service


The file which solves this problem is attached to this article here.


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Last Modified On: October 24, 2018