• RE: Built-in MIBs in InterMapper 5.7 - 5.9

    Hi Tom,

    The built in MIBs are located in Intermapper Settings > MIB Files.

    Intermapper Settings is located here per OS - https://static.helpsystems.com/intermapper/help/UserGuide65/Content/09-Reference/09-03-Files_and_Folders/filesfolders.html




  • No SNMP Response troubleshoooting

    If you are seeing a device showing No SNMP response please try the following steps.

    1. Go to the Set Probe Dialog window and verify the correct community string is in use. Right click on the field to display the human readable text.
    2. Right click on the device and run an SNMPWalk using the ifTable. If this produces an output Intermapper should be able to identify it. If not, this is something the user will need the manufacturer to verify it works.
    3. If the device provides output on the SNMPWalk but continues to display No SNMP response verify it shows the same results on the server...Depending if it has a gui. If the server looks correct, but the Intermapper Remote Access client shows No SNMP response try restarting the application on IMRA.
    4. Some firewalls may be dropping SNMP requests because it has flagged them as a DDOS attack.
    Please try raising the polling to 5 min on a device and let’s see if that changes to no SNMP. Right > Set Info > Set Polling
    5. Help > Detailed Logs > SNMP OID Errors > Network Events and filter on IP Address in question
    Let it Poll for a few minutes
    Help > Send Feedback > Fill in the contact information and use the Case # for the subject line > Logs tab > Select Latest server Debug log  > Submit.
  • Failed to connect to InterMapper DataCenter on a Windows server

    If you are seeing this message when attempting to start the Intermapper DataCenter service please check the following.

    Port 8182 is open.

    Verify if the IMDataCenter service is set to be automatic instead of manual in the services window.


  • RE: Map-wide disabling of notifications

    I created an ER for a snooze option for the notifiers server wide and per map.
    The article number is KBA-40296-Q2J2S6

    I’ve include Ofer and Bob as contacts to the article so ay updates will generate an email notification to you.



  • RE: Map-wide disabling of notifications


    If it's per map then we can go to Edit > Map settings and make a mass change to the notifiers on that map. You can click the reset notifier button and make all of the devices on the map not use a notifier. When the time is ready, you can reapply them on the same window, but if you have multiple notifiers it could be time consuming.

    There is also Edit > Server Settings > Notifier List > selecting the individual notifier will allow you schedule a window where no notifications can launch. This one might be too much work as well if you have lots of different notifiers.

    I can create an ER asking for a snooze option that applies to notifers on the server and specific to maps. Otherwise, if you have any specifics let me know and I'll write it up based on that.



    Intermapper Support

  • Missing Map Troubleshooting

    The best way to recover a lost map is checking Intermapper Setting/Maps located here per OS - https://static.helpsystems.com/intermapper/help/UserGuide65/Content/09-Reference/09-03-Files_and_Folders/filesfolders.html

    There are several locations where maps are available to restore from.

    Start with the ScheduledBackups. Servers with scheduled backup enabled https://static.helpsystems.com/intermapper/help/UserGuide65/Content/08-Server_Settings/08-03-Server_Config/MapBackup.htm will have the maps saved to this location. One problem is the name of the maps are not available and the MAP ID is the only way to identify it. You will need to go to find an older copy of the map in question from the Maps>Version of Intermapper, then take note of the MAP ID and search for that in the scheduled backup folder.

    If you don’t have the scheduled backup enabled or don’t see the map you are looking for in this location then try Manual and Automatic locations.

    Another option is to Check Maps > previous version of Intermapper (6.X.X) > Enable and try restoring from here.

    You can use the File > Import > Map to do one map at a time. Otherwise,  stop the Intermapper service and copy multiple maps at once and paste into the desired location and start the service.

  • RE: Using InterMapper with SNMPv3

    Hi Daniel, I created a case and will follow up over email. The case number is CAS-0010217841 for your reference.


  • Does Intermapper support SNMPv3 Contexts

    Interrmapper does support SNMPv3 Contexts. In order to configure this in Intermapper you will need to add it after the username in the probe information window / SNMPv3 settings.

    Example: Username - [email protected]_name



  • How to run a Layer 2 scan

    There are a few steps within Intermapper to enable the layer 2 feature.

    Start with a map that has several devices (Switches if possible) monitored using SNMP probes such as the basic SNMP Traffic probe. Once the SNMP Traffic probe is applied and begins polling, Intermapper will display numbered interfaces that are connected to the devices. To display unnumbered interfaces, you will need to open the Interface window and select “Display unnumbered interfaces”.

    In order to use the Layer 2 feature, enable it from Edit > Server Settings > Layer 2 > “Enable Layer 2 Scanning on this server.” At the bottom of the window you can specify how often you want Intermapper to collect Layer 2 information. The Layer 2 scan can be quite extensive depending on the size of your network. We recommend limiting the frequency of Layer 2 scans if you notice CPU performance issues during the scan.

    Select the individual map to be scanned using Layer 2. This can be using Edit > Map Settings > Layer 2 > Select “Enable Layer scan for this map.” Intermapper can now run a Layer 2 scan.

    To view the Layer 2 window view, use the Window > Device List menu item. The view menu in the device list contains Layer 2 option. The “Scan” button is in the bottom right of the window and can be used to run scan.

    If the maps does not reflect any changes from the scan immediately try the Map Settings > Layer 2 > Change Now button.

  • Do Wildcard and Certificate Chain work with Intermapper

    The Wildcard and Chain Certificates are handled by OpenSSL libraries we ship as part of the product.

    So the answer is “yes, Intermapper can handle Certificate Chains and Wildcard”.


    Steve Vold 

    Intermapper Support Rep