• Raspberry Pi with Intermapper

    We receive a number of customers asking about the availability with Raspberry Pi and Intermapper. Unfortunately, it’s currently not a recommended configuration due to not matching the server requirements and the mac address not working with our licensing structure. However, some of our customers have reported success with using it as a Remote Access client licensed with a pooled license.

  • WMI recommended polling time

    WMI polling response is typically slow due to the dependence on Windows’ RPC subsystem to make a TCP connection, negotiate a port shift and reconnect, evaluate and respond to the WMI query, then respond cycle. This response will frequently require more than the default 3 seconds timeout, and may exceed the default 30 second polling period.

    The 30 second polling is fine for ping/echo and SNMP queries, but WMI can run much more slowly, so we provide a timeout setting in the probe, which we recommend be set to a high value, like 120 seconds, in order to receive a response even if the polled server is busy. Additionally, polling more often than the two minutes is not helpful, so we recommend setting poll interval higher than the timeout, for example every 5 minutes.

  • How to uninstall Insite on Linux

    cd to the Insite install folder on the Linux server

    sudo stopInsite.pl sudo uninstallInsite.pl

  • Layer 2 error - Could not start extension

    Customers will occasionally report an error similar to this when running a layer 2 scan.

    "Could not start extension."

    "The InterMapper Server cannot connect to the desired extension at The extension service is not responding."

    This can be resolved by the following.

    Please delete InterMapper_Settings/Extensions/com.dartware.switches/switches.pid file and relaunch intermapperd.

    If that does not help you will need to reboot the system.

    Note: Intermapper Settings can be found here per OS.

  • RE: IMRA Says Update to 6.4.1 Available - Not Present in Downloads

    Sorry for the confusion.

    The message about the update does refer to 6.4.1 for windows. We have since updated the download page to properly reflect the versions.



  • RE: Send an email from a probe? (not a notifier)

    Hi Chris,

    I saw your post in our Intermapper forum and don’t think there is an easy way to write a probe to accomplish this. I know we can set a notification to constantly send you an email every 5 minutes indefinitely within Intermapper. This might be a usable solution. I can show you an example over a screen sharing session if you like.

    We also have a different software at Helpsystems which would definitely let you do this called Automate. Here is a link for more information https://www.helpsystems.com/product-lines/automate



    Steve Vold

    603.643.9600 | www.helpsystems.com


  • RE: InterMapper Remote Access Configuration

    Hello Mehul,

    We can look at this over a shared screen session. Please email [email protected] with your company information and I will follow up with you.




  • Deleting a Remote Access license off a MAC.

    Generally, the “Remove” button on the InterMapper RemoteAcess Registration dialog should work, but we had a customer report this wasn't working. I thought it would be beneficial to add this to our forums in the chance someone else may run into this. 

    For Macs, the license should be located at ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.java.util.prefs.plist

    A discussion forum said also to look in /Library/Preferences/ as well (probably that same file name.)
    Note: The plist files are no longer text XML files, unlike older Mac versions, so you cannot edit them with a text editor. It sounds like you can edit them with Xcode.

    If you don’t see it there, then we need to check and see if the license was installed by an admin. If it was, you will need to change the permissions.

    cd /Library/Preferences
    ls -l com.apple.util.java.prefs.plist // see if the file exists and what the permissions are on it.
    sudo chmod +rw com.apple.util.java.prefs.plist

    Then try the “Remove” button in the InterMapper RemoteAccess Registration dialog and see what happens.

  • RE: Device turns yellow with Status "Reason: No SNMPv2c response."

    Hi Nick, I created a separate case (CAS-0010167260) for you and will respond over email.



  • Does Intermapper work with Azure

    Currently, this is not a supported environment for Intermapper. Please see our Intermapper System Requirements page for the recommended OS.