• RE: Sonicwall probes

    Hi Jeff,

    At this time we don't have any built in probes for Sonicwall devices. I checked our user contributed probes and I'm not able to find one located in there either.

    The forums are a good spot to check with the Intermapper community, but if you're not seeing any results I would suggest looking at our developer's guide on probe creation.





  • RE: Intermapper Layer 2

    Created case - CAS-0010011054
    Will follow up  through email and add the conclusion to the forum.



  • Ignoring Interfaces

    To set ignores on interfaces 

    Right click on the device then select Interfaces > Window

    In the new window there are check boxes for Ignore Errors, Ignore Discards and Ignore Utilization.

    If you want to do a mass selection of the ignores for a specific column hold ALT and Left click on a checkbox to select the entire column.




  • RE: Vantage Points not saving

    The Vantage point disappearing was addressed in 6.0.3.

    I just tried putting a vantage point one map through Right Clicking > Set Info > Set Vantage Point.

    I went to a different map and made a Vantage Point from Monitor > Set Info > Set Vantage Point

    Restarted my machine and opened the maps in question and I was able to see the Vantage Point was still there.

    Let me know if you see any issues with it on 6.0.3.



  • RE: Showing which VMs are hosted on which machine

    Hi John,

    Intermapper maps are really proprietary flat file database files.  So in the truest sense of the word, it does not do drawings like you would do in Visio or the like programs.  With saying that though, you can import background images that could represent a room, server, etc… that you could then arrange the icons onto that.

    But word of caution.  If your background image is large or very detailed, you will start hurting InterMapper's performance trying to load these background images on startup and the memory usage.  Again, it has to do with what the maps are really doing for you verses how the icons are displayed for representation.


  • RE: Discussion of datasets, datapoints and disk space

     As far as modifying the time when it activates we can’t do that since it’s hardcoded to run on Sunday nights in the software.  However, you’re able to run it on demand from the Reclaim Disk Space whenever you like.

    Two tasks are run automatically to clear out data that is beyond its retention policy expiration, and to reclaim unused disk space.

    • Daily task - runs at 1AM local time each day. It applies retention policies, then uses the PostgreSQL VACUUM command to mark free space for re-use by the database. This is a relatively low-impact process, and does not pause database operations. It does not release disk space for reuse by the operating system.
    • Weekly task - runs at 1AM local time each Sunday. It uses the PostgreSQL CLUSTER command, and pauses database operations while it runs. This task frees up unused database space, making it available to the operating system.

    After you have run one of these tasks, the Disk Usage table shows the freed disk space as available.