• RE: List of ports InterMapper uses

    Hi Andrew,

    For the web server – Edit > Server Settings > Web Server > Edit the port number in this window.

    User guide web server documentation - https://static.helpsystems.com/intermapper/help/userguide/Content/08-Server_Settings/08-03-Server_Config/Web_Server.htm?Highlight=web%20server

    You should be able to edit the port number right from Edit > Server Settings > Telnet Server

    Here is a link to the User Guide’s section related to the Telnet Server -  https://static.helpsystems.com/intermapper/help/userguide/Content/08-Server_Settings/08-03-Server_Config/Telnet_Server.htm?Highlight=telnet

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Steve Vold

    603.643.9600 | www.helpsystems.com

  • RE: Device Status window: Error codes

    Hi Evan,

    Unfortunately, something like this doesn't exist yet. However, it's a great idea so I created an enhancement request for us to create an error reference section in our user guide and community portal. You have been added a contact to the request so any updates will generate an email notification to you. The Enhancement Request article number is KBA-36489-D0G4Y1 for your reference.




  • Monitor display issues

    We have had several customers report that running Intermapper Remote Access on a Windows OS can make the text unreadable. Changing the screen resolution makes no difference.

    Please try the following solution.

    Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\InterMapper RemoteAccess > right click on InterMapper_RemoteAccess.exe > Properties > Compatibility > check Override high DPI  scaling behavior, Scaled performed by > then change (drop down menu} below it to System Enhanced. 



    So far, the following hardware listed below have been reported to have this issue.

    Windows 10 Education

    • Dell Precision 5520
    • Lenovo Laptop
  • USB Modems with Intermapper

    Though we do have customers that have integrated Intermapper with 3G modems for SMS notifications successfully, this is not a feature or functionality that is tested internally and therefore we are unable to provide a list of supported modems at this time. Our recommendation is to use the email equivalent of SMS notifications for SMS recipients or implementing a wifi hotspot. 

  • RE: Old version Of Intermapper

    Hi Garcia,

    The archive does include 5.8.2 which is the most stable of version out of the 5.8.x releases. Would 5.8.2 be sufficient or is 5.8.0 the specific build you need? If so, I can email you the install file.



  • Unknown client protocol version 2.5

    This error can occur if you are using Intermapper Remote Access and trying to connect to the server with the wrong port.

    Please try using port 8181 in the server configuration window. 

    If you continue to receive the error with the correct port in use please contact support. 





  • Connection Reset error when trying to connect to a server from Remote Access

    If you are getting a "Connection Reset" error message when attempting to connect to an Intermapper Server when using Intermapper Remote Access on windows please try the following.

    Go to C:\Users\user profile\IMRemote and delete the certificates file. Try to connect again. If you continue to get “connection reset” uninstall / reinstall Intermapper Remote Access. Please contact support if this doesn't correct the error.

  • RE: IP changes in the network

    Devices that were added to the maps by name will be set (by default) to resolve name to update IP. As long as the DNS server we’re using is updated with the new IPs they should change automatically.

    Please verify the settings for DNS in Edit > Server Settings > DNS/WINS Settings.

    If the devices were added by IP, a file export > edit > file import cycle will be required.

    If that isn’t known, it can be checked using a data file export which includes the Resolve field from the Devices table.


  • IP changes in the network

    We have a large network that we monitor and all the ip’s of this network are changed due to a security update. We would like to keep all the “polling and charts” and be able to change the ip’s with an export Import file for example.


    What would be the best approach to handle this?


  • Resetting your Remote Access account on Linux

    If your Intermapper Server is hosted on a Linux server and you can't remember your username or password for logging into Intermapper Remote Access please use the following commands on your Intermapper Server to reset your login credentials.

    Shut down intermapperd, sudo /etc/init.d/intermapperd stop

    sudo /usr/local/bin/intermapperd -f /usr/local/etc/intermapperd.conf -A username-you-want:[email protected]*.*.*.*