• RE: Old version Of Intermapper

    Hi Garcia,

    The archive does include 5.8.2 which is the most stable of version out of the 5.8.x releases. Would 5.8.2 be sufficient or is 5.8.0 the specific build you need? If so, I can email you the install file.



  • Unknown client protocol version 2.5

    This error can occur if you are using Intermapper Remote Access and trying to connect to the server with the wrong port.

    Please try using port 8181 in the server configuration window. 

    If you continue to receive the error with the correct port in use please contact support. 





  • Connection Reset error when trying to connect to a server from Remote Access

    If you are getting a "Connection Reset" error message when attempting to connect to an Intermapper Server when using Intermapper Remote Access on windows please try the following.

    Go to C:\Users\user profile\IMRemote and delete the certificates file. Try to connect again. If you continue to get “connection reset” uninstall / reinstall Intermapper Remote Access. Please contact support if this doesn't correct the error.

  • RE: IP changes in the network

    Devices that were added to the maps by name will be set (by default) to resolve name to update IP. As long as the DNS server we’re using is updated with the new IPs they should change automatically.

    Please verify the settings for DNS in Edit > Server Settings > DNS/WINS Settings.

    If the devices were added by IP, a file export > edit > file import cycle will be required.

    If that isn’t known, it can be checked using a data file export which includes the Resolve field from the Devices table.


  • IP changes in the network

    We have a large network that we monitor and all the ip’s of this network are changed due to a security update. We would like to keep all the “polling and charts” and be able to change the ip’s with an export Import file for example.


    What would be the best approach to handle this?


  • Resetting your Remote Access account on Linux

    If your Intermapper Server is hosted on a Linux server and you can't remember your username or password for logging into Intermapper Remote Access please use the following commands on your Intermapper Server to reset your login credentials.

    Shut down intermapperd, sudo /etc/init.d/intermapperd stop

    sudo /usr/local/bin/intermapperd -f /usr/local/etc/intermapperd.conf -A username-you-want:[email protected]*.*.*.*

  • RE: Windows SMB File Sharing

    Samba (SMB) is an add-on connectivity tool, and there aren’t any defined standard SNMP MIBs for tracking its utilization which rules out making a custom probe.

    Monitoring the process is usually done on the SMB/CIFS server itself. There might be a Nagios NRPE plugin available to do it at https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/System-Metrics/File-System/SMB

    The user would need to put the NRPE script on the server to be monitored, then use the Servers > Proprietary > Nagios NRPE probe to run the script on the remote server.



  • RE: Windows SMB File Sharing

    If the server running Intermapper isn't a windows OS, then no WMI probes are available.

  • RE: A wish list item

    We can file an Enhancement Request for individual device behavior when an interface goes down. Status change or not....rather than for all devices.
    We can also add in the Enhancement Request that this should only apply to switches. Development would have to determine the proper methods for creating a process but I'm going to create a case for this and we will be able to work out the details with you offline.





  • RE: A wish list item

    Hi Mike,

    It sounds like you want an enhancement request that allows users to right click on a specific interface and have an option to "Set devices to alarm status on down link"?

    If so, I would be happy to create this ER for you.

    Let me know if that sounds right or if you have any additional information to include.