• Recommended upgrade process for Intermapper

    First, stop the InterMapper service from running. This can be accomplished from accessing the InterMapper Control Center on Mac or Windows. The command line for Linux is: sudo /etc/init.d/intermapperd stop

    Once the service has been stopped, we recommend making a backup of the Intermapper Settings folder. This provides a fallback solution in case you encounter any issues in the update. Since the IM Settings folders tend to huge in file size due to unpruned log files and accumulated chart data, it can take a long time to complete the backup. At a minimum, we suggest making a backup of the Maps folder along with the Preferences file. Both are located in the Intermapper Settings folder.


    Below are the locations of the InterMapper Settings depending on your operating system:

    Windows: C:\ProgramData\InterMapper\InterMapper Settings

    Linux: As specified in intermapperd.conf (Usually /var/local/InterMapper_Settings/)

    Mac OS: As specified in /etc/intermapperd.conf (Usually /Library/Application Support/InterMapper Settings/)

    Note: The InterMapper daemon or service should be stopped while copying the settings folder.


    After the backup of the Intermapper settings folder has been completed it is now safe to Install the latest version. If you are a current user, access the download from the community portal. Double-click InterMapper Setup and follow the instructions. You must be an Administrator to install this software. Note: If you are installing a 64-bit version, you must uninstall any previous 32-bit version before you run the installer. The InterMapper Settings folder is compatible with the new 64-bit version; you may want to back it up before you uninstall the previous version.

    When the installer finishes, it starts the InterMapper GUI client, so you can view and configure your InterMapper Server.


    Here is a link to our most recent version.


    For OS-Specific instructions please refer to the Read Me section on the download page.

    If you have any questions, please contact Intermapper Support.

    [email protected]



  • Internapper License transfer

    We receive a number of requests for licensing changes so we're adding a link to our electronic license transfer form here. Please fill out the form and someone should be getting back to shortly within our business hours of 8 - 5:00 PM Central


    If you are in need of any other license related questions please email our licensing department at - [email protected]

  • Installing InterMapper and InterMapper Flows on Different Servers


  • Can you move old chart data over to new charts?

    We often receive this question from customers, and unfortunately, the short answer is you don't. We don't have reliable or recommended process. Some customers have figured out a way by collecting on the new interface and tracking what file it's getting written to, stopping the IM service and replacing the new file with the old one. However, the integrity of the data can become compromised from this so it's not something we can support.


    Data integrity for collected data is maintained by InterMapper controlling where the data it collects is put. Manual intervention by users saying "this interface is now this one" opens the door to user error regarding the actual data returned by probes. We don't let users add links between devices and expect to see data flows we don't discover and validate. It maps the network as discovered and monitored by the application, not in accordance with what the users believe they have.

  • RE: Mapping Feature requests

    Hello Jim,
    I created an enhancement request for these features and added you as the contact. The article number is KBA-34643-T4J8H7 for your reference. We'll reach out to you by email when any progress has been made.



  • RE: URL for a device on a Web Access map

    Here is a link to the Customizing Web Pages if anyone needs it -https://static.helpsystems.com/intermapper/help/devguide/Content/03-CustomWebPages/customizingwebpages.html?Highlight=web

  • Electronic License Transfer Form

    A lot of customers ask how to go about getting a new license for a new server or remote access computer they are upgrading to. Here is a link to an Electronic license transfer form. 


  • RE: Sound Alert notifiers

    Hello Joe,

    Sound notifiers will need the map open to generate an audio alert.

    As far as getting the other alerts without the map open you'll need to do the following. Make sure the Intermapper service is running on the server and the devices you want to monitor are on an active map, that will allow the other notifiers to occur.

    The map doesn’t have to be open, but it does need to show up in the map list.



  • RE: snmp-device-notifiers notifier-rule name as a group crashes Intermapper

    Hi Vince,

    This is a known issue with email and SMS.

    A recommended workaround would be creating two separate notifiers. One as an email and one as SMS.



  • RE: Probe - SAML based authentication

    Hi Dave,

    I searched our user contributed probes and built in probes and I wasn't able to find any results related to this. I talked to development and they said this wasn't something they have on the road map for 2017.

    If you would like to provide additional information on what you exactly want it to do, we can write up an enhancement request that gets reviewed by the development team.