• Delete files from ftp site before pushing new files

    Is there a way to delete files from an ftp site when running in push mode? I have a recurring job, gigs of files but the # of files may vary run to run so I'd like to first delete all the files already on ftp site (matching remote file name mask) before copying over the new set of files. The files pushed are consider a "set" and I can't have leftover files from the last run remaining out there on ftp site. Yes I could run my own ftp step before hand but that kind of defeats the point of running ftp at all from Automate Schedule. Or yes I could zip the files into one file (the individual files are already compressed) but then the consumer of the files has to deal with that. Or yes I could run a pull step before the push step and download all the files with "delete the source file after transfer" option turned on but that's crazy, download gigs just to delete the files! If only there was a checkbox that said "delete all files matching remote file name before pushing new files". Or even a textbox where you could enter your own ftp commands to run before the push.