• Pop up notifier

    Perhaps like other users, I have a display with multiple maps rotating on a TV 24/7.  I get audible alarms and status updates, but frequently find it difficult to identify which device the audible alarm was played for.  I'd love to see a pop-up window to display device and map info when an audible alarm is played.  (Like a GMail notifier for example)


    I am aware of the logs window, and the outages window, but I haven't found either to be able to quickly  identify the source of an alert.


    Is there a better option?

  • RE: Interfacces Display Behavior

    Got the full release last week and the issue is resolved, thank you!

  • RE: Interfacces Display Behavior

    Would you recommend using the Beta?  Seems like something must not be right given the delay on release.

  • RE: Interfacces Display Behavior

    Thanks for the answer, any news on 6.2.2 release?



  • Interfacces Display Behavior

    Can someone explain why I'm seeing many interfaces represented as dotted lines?  This seems to be related to reporting, as higher bandwidth links get bolder lines, but I haven't been able to find anything to view or set the appearance of links to see what causes a link to show dotted.

    I'm also finding if I change the link speed to something lower, and then change it back, it seems to then show a solid rather than dotted line.  Clearly not a great fix for adjusting MANY interfaces.

    Any insight as to whether this is expected behavior or not would be helpful.