• SFTP connection issue

    I'm setting up an FTP Upload File action with AutoMate The connection is to an Ubuntu 20.04 server, and I'm using an SSH key to authenticate. I converted the private key to PEM format but still am unable to connect.

    Connection type: SFTP (key)
    Port: 22
    SFTP version: Sftp6
    Authentication type: Publickey
    Validate SFTP server's host key and store it
    Cipher selection: Auto adjust
    Private Key File: ...key.pem
    Passphrase -- entered

    The error message in email that I'm receiving is "Error message: FTP failed (Error: Connection failed due to error 103)"

    The log file says:

    12/1/2020 2:05:43 PM : Connecting to 167.71.[...] connection type is Sftp_Public_Key.
    12/1/2020 2:05:43 PM : Server key [...] received.
    12/1/2020 2:05:43 PM : Authentication type [Publickey] used
    12/1/2020 2:05:46 PM : Authentication succeeded

    I'm able to connect with that user and key but not in AutoMate.