• Devices from multiple Intermapper servers on the same map

    I'm new to Intermapper but have seen it in operation for many years.  One thing I would love to see added to it is the ability to place devices that are on different Intermapper servers on the same map.  I have a situation where I have two locations that have two different subnets.  One is a HQ office location and the other is a hosted data center at another location.  The data center location has about 10 devices that can only be polled from inside the data center subnet.  These devices are in a secure DMZ.  So I have a intermapper server at our HQ location and a smaller intermapper server at the data center.  I'm polling 100% of the devices at the HQ location and 90% of the devices at the data center from the Intermapper server at HQ.  I'm polling the other 10% of the data center devices from a smaller intermapper server at the data center.  The problem is I have to split up these 10 devices on separate map even thought they are physically connected to devices that show up on the other map.  While this get the job done from an alerting stand point, it misrepresents the connectivity.


    I've used several other competing products over the years and most all of them have the ability to show devices from multiple polling sources on the same map

  • Sonicwall probes

    I'm new to Intermapper and have a trial version up now.  I've managed to pull down and import probes for the Cisco FW and Juniper Netscreen firewalls.  However, I find very little relative to probes for Sonicwall devices.  Has anyone built a Probe for Sonicwall that you can share?