• Map Display on the Webserver

    Good Morning!


    I have a map in my InterMapper that does not display fully in the webserver.  Its a map of the USA and it cuts off the eastern 1/3 of it.  It displays properly in the InterMapper console, but it does not in the web console.  It is the only map that I have that does this.

  • RE: Probes Missing

    Never mind.  Fixed it.

  • Whois

    Is there a way to change the Whois web site in Flows?  When I try to use the Whois function, the window opens and displays an error message...



    Unable to fetch information from whois.arin.net"

  • RE: Intermapper Layer 2

    I am also having this issue...

  • Probes Missing

    I imported some new probes, and now, when I go to add a probe or modify another probe, the Set Probe window just shows "Generic".  When I refresh the probes, they all come back.  How do I fix this permanently?