• Windows script file

    If the script command is something that you can run from the "run cmd" option on the Windows Start menu, then you can try using a command called VPSHELL.

    In order for VPSHELL to work, you must run the Sequel Script from a pc client.

    The command syntax for the command is:  VPSHELL CMD('your windows command string')

    It is also possible to run the script from the i5 as a scheduled job, but you would need to use a command called RUNRMTCMD (run remote command) and have a ViewPoint server configured to recieve the remote command and run the script.  If you need info on how to configure a ViewPoint server in your network, please call support at 952-933-0609.



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  • Hi there, Unfortunately at

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately at this time, this is not a supported feature in SEQUEL/SEQUEL ViewPoint. It is, however, an existing enhancement request that we may look at in the future.


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  • Excel Worksheet

    Is there a way within SEQUEL to generate a separate tab(worksheet) within a single excel file based on the primary grouping field?

    Please tell me if there has been any progress made on this?  It is a badly needed capability.


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  • Derived Field Joins

    When the fields you need to join on do not match and you need to do some sort of manipulation/conversion on them to make them similar, you cannot do that process in the JOIN clause.   You first need to create these expression as separate columns in the view and give those columns a name.  Then you use those derived column names in the JOIN clause.  So based on your example, yuou have the following in the JOIN:   CHAR(RHCNTRN. OBRMHPFX) = SUBSTR(AHAGM#. ACTP600H,4,4)

    Create a new column expression for each of those 2 conversions:  CHAR(RHCNTRN. OBRMHPFX) and give it a name such as X

    Create a new column expression for the other:  SUBSTR(AHAGM#. ACTP600H,4,4)  and give it a name such as Y

    Then in the JOIN clause, you would use X=Y

    if you do not want to see those 2 additional columns in the views output, you can right click on them and choose th HIDE them

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  • Nevermind, I have discovered

    Nevermind, I have discovered the answer to my question by using runtime varilables in the script.

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  • Field Value in Column Heading

    This should be possible by placing a variable in the Column Heading box with 2 ampersands (&&varname).  Then on the Variables Tab, define it as an Expression type.  In the Default value, you can specify an SQL statement that accesses that file and uses the correct condition in the WHERE clause to select to proper record, and output the value from the description field that you want in the Column Heading.  In the Prompt Text box for the variable, put in *NOPROMPT so you do not get the prompt window when processing the view.

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  • Combining views

    Sometimes it is necessary to build an outfile from the results of a view and then use the output file in another view.  This two step process can be combined into a Sequel Script defintion that can automatically run the first view, build an outfile and then run a second view that uses the output for final results.  Contact support at 952-933-0609 to further discuss the process and get help with building a script to combine the results of your views.

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  • Joining 2 views

    I'm with cblack...this is a very common occurrence and is available in other query products-- joining 2 views or more views to create a final.  Creating an outfile is a bit much and forces me to walk through an extensive SDLC approval process because of the file creation...which I would not have to do if I were simply joining views.  I hope this is on the development list for future versions of Sequel as it is sorely needed. 

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  • Script review

    Your post contains a lot of detail and unfortunately not formatted for eazy review.  Please call SEQUEL support at 952-933-0609 and have your script definition ready so that your question can be reviewed by a technical consultant.

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  • Have you tried this? CHGVAR

    Have you tried this?

    CHGVAR &FILENAME VALUESQL('Select cat("PO", &&EDIPONO)  from sqlexec')

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