• Runtime Error

    It is best to call this error into SEQUEL support.  Have a copy of the View defintion available for review and a job log of the error.  You can contact support at 952-933-0609.

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  • Partial Outer Join

    I had this same problem the other day.  I switched from an inner join to a partial outer join.  This resolved the problem.  I think that SEQUEL has some issues with converted date comparison, because that is the link between my tables as well.

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  • So... no one has ever wanted

    So... no one has ever wanted to or successfully executed a SequelView via ODBC, or any other means to a PC?

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  • OLE DB Example

    If you have ViewPoint installed on your PC client, take a look at the /program files/Sequel ViewPoint install directory and find a document called VIEWPOINT OLE DB DATA.PDF.  This document and an sample xls and doc file in the same directory show an example of using ODBC connections from your PC client to run Sequel View defintions and return data sets back to your pc.  Give SEQUEL support a call at 952-933-0609 if you have any additinal questions about this process.

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  • ViewPoint/Crystal Reports Error

    Hi there,

    Depending on what type of Client Report Option license you have, you may have a different install process for ViewPoint.

    Is this a new PC, that has never had ViewPoint installed on it?

    Please email SEQUEL support at [email protected] if you still need assistance. We would be happy to help!




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  • Scheduling Client Reports

    In order to schedule a job to automatically create Client Report output on the System i, you will need to configure a ViewPoint client in your network.  If you have Sequel ViewPoint installed on your PC, check the: /program files/Sequel ViewPoint directory for a PDF document called "ViewPoint Server", it will contain step by step instructions for the configuration process. 

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  • First Record Only

    We would need a little more information about the data being returned, but here is one method that may work for you.  If there is a field in the SELECT clause that repeats for EVERY row retrieved, then sort on that field and go to the FILE -> Properties menu and set the UNIQUE KEY property=1.  You should see just one row returned for every unique key value.  Unique key is based on the fields in your ORDER BY clause and when set to a value, it checks the key or keys (when you pick more than one field) for uniqueness and suppress any duplicate key values when results are fetched.

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  • End All ViewPoint jobs

    There is a script installed into the SEQUEL library called VPCLEANUP that can be scheduled to end all ViewPoint jobs.

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  • Thanks

    Many Thanks. Will try this ASAP and update.

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    Can I scheduled this from system I session?  We have a home grown job scheduler, I would like to just addl CALL PGM(SEQUEL/VPCLEANUP)   

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