• Hi Jackie, I'm talking about

    Hi Jackie,

    I'm talking about the library list that the view will use to find files.  The one defined in the edit library list under the tools pull down.  I don't mean the one under Viewpoint options that just displays the libraries under the connection.  Hopefully I'm describing my question correctly.  Thanks..


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  • ViewPoint date display

    The date style used when displaying results in ViewPoint on your PC are configured by the Regional Time and Date settings for the PC.  Use the control panel, then regional settings to access date/time formats.

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  • Viewpoint Date

    I could do that but users want to see this view with the UK date format in the US. Is there no other way to change that without formatting your regional time and date settings on your PC everytime? 

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  • Convert Date fld to fixed format

    Try this expression.  It will convert the date field to a numeric string in the format you specify.   yyyymmdd(pdate) EDTCDE(W)   Edit Code W will place slashed in the finished field to format the result to appear like this:  2014/01/01.  You can omit the EDTCDE if you do not want to display slashes.  Or as an alternative, you can use the CHAR function.  The CHAR function converts a date type expression to a fixed length string in the requested format.  CHAR(date/time[,type]).  CHAR(datefld,iso) will return yyyy-mm-dd.  EUR will return dd.mm.yyyy.  USA will return mm/dd/yyyy.  Check the help text for the CHAR function for a list of all the date types you can declare.

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  • No answer?

    If anyone has experience using another report writer that is similar to Sequel Viewpoint, I would love to know about it!



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  • <body>test</body>


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  • Designing Tables

    Scott.  Give us a call on support and we should be able to step you through Table design questions that you may have.  If you are building a view that require intermediate calculations, you can HIDE the result.  If you are building a TABLE object from the VIEW, then you can select which data elements to render in the table.  Calculations can be created and the calculations may use fields that are not displayed in the finished table result.  Give us a call at 952-933-0609 and ask for Sequel support. 

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      Depending on what you are doing if you put your calculations in WDATA(), then you can sort on that column, but it remains invisible in the results.

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  • record skip

    A review of the job log may display the record ID for the record in error.  If the error is due to a date conversion problem where the date value is blank or invalid, you can try using the VALID_DATE function to check the validity of the value.   


    Accept an incoming date value and a date type and return TRUE (1), FALSE (0), INVALID LENGTH(-1), or INVALID TYPE(-2) integer result if the date value is a valid date according to the RPG TEST function.

    VALID_DATE(value, "type")

    The valid date types and lengths are:

    *MDY, *YMD, *DMY (6,7,8,9) - For use with 2 digit year forms with or without separators. 6/7 digit values are assumed to be without separators. 8/9 digit values are assumed to have a leading century digit.

    *CMDY, *CYMD, *CDMY (7,9) - With or without separators, having leading century digit.

    *JUL (5,6,7,8) - With or without separator. 5 and 6 digit values are assumed to be without separators. 7 and 8 digit values are assumed to have LONGJUL (yyyy) format.

    *LONGJUL (7,8) - With or without separator. 4-digit year.

    *USA, *ISO, *EUR, *JIS (8,10) - For use with 4 digit year forms with or without separators.


    ANY OTHER VALUE for date type returns INVALID with result -2. An invalid data input length returns INVALID with result -1. The incoming date value can be a character or numeric (packed) value.

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  • Thank you!!  This solved the

    Thank you!!  This solved the issue I have been struggling with!

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