• RE: PDF Generation - Check Box

    ****Issues resolved*****


    expected value was 1. 

  • PDF Generation - Check Box

    Hello - 

    I'm able to select specific fields by name on a PDF file and complete them using the "set field" option through PDF. However whenever I get to a check box, no values are populating.

    I've tried the following: true, yes, enabled, and on. 
    I've even tried just putting a text value X in the field and nothing shows up on the PDF file. 

    Is there a certain value I should be entering?

    I've used the "get field value" PDF option - in order to see it's default setting, which is set to "off" (hence already trying on) but it remains unchanged. 

    Any tips, tricks and help is appreciated! 

  • Cant Expand Menu section

    I can't expand the Output/Execution Status are on the main menu screens. 


    Anyone else having issues with this? 


    OS: Windows 2016

  • Regex - Text Manipulation


    I'm trying to use the regex option for text modification to clean some data and to avoid having 20+ lines looking for individual characters, I want to use regex. 


    So the one in particular is looking to match any/all special characters EXCEPT period or comma. So I've tried several different formats with parenthesis, without parenthesis, escaping all characters to only escaping characters mentioned in the Automate "Using Regular Expressions" documentation. But none-the-less I continue to receive the invalid expression error. What am I missing? 

    [\"\[\]\'\;\:\\\=\[email protected]%$#&?()*^{}!]
    ([\"\[\]\'\;\:\\\=\[email protected]%$#&?()*^{}!])
    [\[\]\'\"\\\=\[email protected]%$#&?()*^{}!:;]
    ([\[\]\'\"\\\=\[email protected]%$#&?()*^{}!:;])
    \[\]\'\"\\\=\[email protected]%$#&?()*^{}!:;


  • RE: E-Mail to multiple recipients

    The solution essentially boiled down to semicolon, no spaces. I didn't realize the spaces would cause an issue. I did not receive another error. 

    Thank you! 


  • E-Mail to multiple recipients

    I need to send an email to one person with 4 people cc'ed.

    I've sent the email to all 5 people individually so I can confirm all 5 people's email addresses are accurate, however I keep getting the error "At least on recipient isn't valid." I assumed perhaps the designation between email addresses is incorrect. I've used a comma , a semicolon ; and a space "  ". I've also tried including these at the end of the email address string, and without them at the end but not matter what, I receive the same error message (though it succeeds when sending to one person). How are you supposed to be separating multiple email addresses? 


    AutoMate Premium v