• RE: How to handle complex dependencies

    On case #1, the back up isn't scheduled through automate. To be safe, we would put a few hours buffer to make sure that a job doesn't execute during the back up.

    The good news is that we only need to execute 1 job at a time on this server. I made a proof of concept to test the fonctionality with a job queue and it works. Hourra! :)

  • How to handle complex dependencies

    I have 2 seperate jobs that have complex dependencies that I do not know how to handle. Your help is more than welcomed. These are distinct issues.

    Case #1 : Don't execute during database back up
    I have a job suite that has 10 jobs and takes 10 hours to execute (for the sake of argument, let's say each jobs take around 1 hour to complete).

    This suite is triggered by a filewatcher monitor, which can happen at any time.

    Between 5AM and 7AM, we have a database back up. The job requires to read and write data to that database. If the jobs execute during these times, it will fail. Failing mid-load is very complicated to resume.

    How can I make sure that none of the job members execute during the back up?

    Case #2 : A monthly weekly load
    I have a weekly job suite. I would like to setup a job that runs monthly, but depends on the first execution of a job member in the job suite.

    I can't specify in the weekly job suite to run a member only once.

    I can't have an individual job dependent on a job suite / job member.