• RE: Making network Utilization graphs - how to

    Hi Steve thanks for your response . I do have a Flows License but to enable flows on my cisco switches I dont see an easy example on how to enable *flow* so if you have an example on how to configure a cisco 9300 or 4500 that would be great. But I did find something which I thought would be much simpler .

    What about the intermapper "interface status" tab .... this is exactly what I want but I just don't know how to get to it . Here is the web page that describes it but Im  not clear at all on how or what was clicked on to get it. Here is the page:


    in the middle of the page you see the "Intermapper Interface Status" graphic .

    If you can show me (in detail)  how to get this tab, I think this would solve my problem.



  • Making network Utilization graphs - how to

    Whats the best way to make a network utilization graph with intermapper? I can access the per port snmp data from my cisco network switches and computer interfaces but I can only make latency graphs

    Thank you