• RE: Skybot-Spyware Problem.

    Hi Joe


    No there should be no issue that I am aware of when running the installation, as we keep outselves to ourselves and install our own database, our own webserver and even our own version of java. However I will have a chat with our developers and get this confirmed for you


    Kind Regards


    Keith Fuller

  • Error on Skybot Import

     If you get the following message after running the cron import command on the linux/aix/unix system, you can try the following.

    Error Message

    There were no cron expressions found in cron file. '/var/spool/cron/<Cron File Name>'


    Check that there is a blank line at the top of the crontab file, as if the first command is on the first line then this can cause problems with the import and this then produces the above error, simply add a blank line at the top of the file and run the import again, this should then allow the import to work as expected.

  • RE: New administrator and I don't know the ADMIN user password - can I reset it?

    How to reset the admin password for the Skybot Scheduler?


    These files are now shipped in the product, so unless customer is at an old version, you won’t need to send to customer.

    Windows - the file is shipped as a hidden file in the Skybot\Skybot Scheduler directory. To find it, change the search to include hidden files.



    There is now a resetadmin.bat (for Windows) and a resetadmin.sh (Linux & Unix)

    These files reside in the scheduler directory.

    For Windows type resetadmin.bat

    For the Linux type the following

    su - Skybot


    after running it admin should be back to Scheduler1.