• how to add IF-MIB::ifName in the email notification from trap


    I have enabled the trap notification by email and the result is as follow

    09/09 12:16:17: Message from InterMapper 5.8.1

    Event: TRAP
    Name: qfx1-core.pa2
    Document: 2 - FRANCE
    Address: xx.xx.xx.xx
    Probe Type: Probe Group
    Condition: linkDown, ifIndex = 592

    Time since last reported down: 19 hours, 56 minutes, 16 seconds
    Device's up time: 66 days, 16 hours, 23 minutes, 11 seconds


    How can I add the IF-MIB::ifName to get the interface name of my switch in the notification ?

    The trap contain the information.