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    Thank you.

    And Steve... I do appreciate. This has been bugging me since 1994. 

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    Hi Steve,

    Actually, you and I are still not on the same page.

    Maybe if you can explain this question, you can tease out my wish list item.

    Why does the InterMapper coding team think that the state of an unnumbered interface on a managed switch with an IP address should be taken out of "normal" green status based on the behavior of one of its unnumbered interfaces?

    Fact: A switch by definition supports multiple unnumbered interfaces and is operating normally regardless of the status of those interfaces.

    Fact: If I want to monitor the device at the other end of the unnumbered interface, I can do it by adding a device to monitor and it will have an IP address. 

    Fact: Just about the only time I would not be able to monitor the far end of a connection to an unnumbered interface, when/if I need to do so, is if that far end is an unmanaged switch. (Unlikely but even if it were true, items connected to that switch can be monitored separately from the managed switch.

    Seeing a red X on an unnumbered interface is useful, but should not throw the device into alarm. 

    The only reason to throw the switch into alarm should relate to InterMapper's ability talk to the device.



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    Steve additionally I want to see when the device is down. What I don't want it to do is show the device impaired when it isn't and only an unnumbered interface is down.  Look at this attached snip from a map and the attached status window snip. The switch is UP and OK but is shows an alarm because an unnumbered interface to a device that it not always not it at this moment down.  The Switch, if I had a way, would be green, as it is OK.


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    Steve your suggestion effects ALL devices. That is NOT helpful.

    Maps have more than a switch.

    I am talking about controlling a single device among many devices where I do want alarms on the others. For the record I am using 6.2.2.


  • A wish list item

    SNMP probes on switches set the switch from Normal(green) to warning or alarm as links go down even though the switch is not losing packets back to InterMapper. This is something that has long bugged me. Years ago and many versions ago, early in the Dartware era, there was a setting for device "type." While that "switch type" didn't resolve this issue at that time, it would have been a good starting place. There ought to be a way to display unnumbered interfaces, allow red Xs to appear when the interface goes does without setting the device in an non-green state. 

    Sure on a managed switch I can intentionally administratively turn down an interface and keep the device green, but there are times when I want to see if an unnumbered interface is up or down and at those times there is often no reason why the device should be non-normal. 

    The best option would be if I could on a granular basis set the behavior for each unnumbered interface.

    Anyway, it has been bugging me for only 24 years. :-)