• Vantage Points not saving

    I'm finding that my set Vantage Points aren't surviving server restarts in InterMapper 5.9.3. I can set a Vantage Point for each map, but after a restart, or perhaps even over a long period of time, the gold star disappears, as does the Vantage Point designation.

    Is this normal behaviour, or a bug? I see nothing mentioning Vantage Points being temporary in the documentation.

  • RE: Debugging OS X Server probes

    Unfortunately, it seems that the OS X Server Info probe is no longer reporting CPU Utilization and Network Traffic in El Capitan... the two variables we'd like to track the most. It appears that some data has moved around a bit in servermgrd, as we no longer see that info under getState, but can see CPU and Traffic data in the OS X Server application.


    Any chance of an update to this probe?



    Mike Beckett