• RE: Which OS works best with Intermapper

    We have found MacOS and Linux versions equally stable though maintain MacOS as our main monitoring server.

  • Custom trap probe for many devices behind one trap sender


    I am trying to write a custom trap probe to monitor messages from a server that is sending traps of conditions of a number of areas, each area represented by a different OID. In the probe I declare an OID that is unique do an area but can't figure out how to use that in the <snmp-device-thresholds> section to limit changes in status only that specific OID.


    "MyOID" = "1.3.9999.1.3.3"


    critical: ${vbVal5} == 3 and ${vbOid5} == ${MyOID} "?1?Node is critical!?0?"

    critical: ${vbVal5} == 0 and ${vbOid5} == ${MyOID} "?1?Node is OK!?0?"



    There are references to using and/or in equations in the the Dev pages but no examples.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.