• RE: Automate 11.3.10 Agent disconnecting

    Still no fix.

  • RE: Automate 11.3.10 Agent disconnecting


    This issue hasn't been resolved. I am still encountering this issue and am still working with the support team on narrowing down the root cause via debug DLLs and event logs.

  • RE: Automate 11.3.10 Agent disconnecting

    Still working with the support team on narrowing down the root cause via debug dlls and event logs.

  • RE: Automate 11.3.10 Agent disconnecting

    This seems to be a new issue, probably due to the new way that the agents are communicating back to the Execution Server.

  • Automate 11.3.10 Agent disconnecting

    Recently upgraded to Automate Plus/Ultimate 11.3.10 and the agents are continuing to disconnect randomly.

    Possibly this is due to a task with some bad code, but I am having issues narrowing down which task. There are no errors in Event Viewer.

    Searching the database, I see the following errors:

            Task 'Alert - FO - ADS/CMRI Downloader Stale Data - Alert' did not start because: agent communication failed..

    With result code 2 and 14. Usually this occurs for 2 servers at a time, affecting a large number of jobs. We have 6 servers with agents installed.


  • RE: HandleChannelDisconnection - Agent issue

    Was this meant to be fixed in the latest released version? I just updated to 11.2.1 and am experiencing the issue.

  • RE: VB Eval function not working after upgrade

    Error message returned:

    [New Task (5)][Main](Step 4) Type mismatch.
    [*xHiddenCode*|DatasetToHTMLTable# 10] nRows = Eval(dsName & ".TotalRows")

  • VB Eval function not working after upgrade

    I have run into an issue when using the Eval() function after upgrading from version 10 to

    I use a serious of steps to convert a dataset into a HTML string. The issue occurs when looping through the dataset to append a table row to the HTML string.

    I have a variable with a value of "<tr><td>" & dsResult.%replace(dsResult.ColumnNames,","," & ""</td><td>"" & dsResult.")% & "</td></tr>". This will create a table row ready for the Eval function.

    The next step loops through the dataset and performs the following: %table%%Eval(TableRow)%

    This appends the result of the Eval() function to the HTML string %table%. However it returns a Type Mismatch error.


    I have tried creating a Basic script to define a function, as explained here: http://forums.networkautomation.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=50&threadid=12184&enterthread=y

    The same error occurs when reaching the first Eval function. I also see that all variables return null when having the Basic script step enabled, this may be a separate issue or a result of the script failing.


    I have confirmed the same behavior in Version

  • Dataset Total Rows returning null

    I have a SQL query that returns 50+ rows in a dataset, followed by an if statement with %dataset.TotalRows% is greater than another variable with an integer.

    When running the task in task builder, I can see that the condition is not being met. It seems that %dataset.TotalRows% is not returning any value.

    As a workaround, I created a variable with the value of %dataset.TotalRows%, and this allows the condition to be met.


    AML Code:

    <AMIF EXPRESSION="%dsResult.TotalRows% &gt; %Threshold%" />
    <AMIF ACTIVITY="end" />

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