• RE: How to insert new complete function using like insert a snippet

    Hello Per,

    The best practice is the practice you are using now: save the snippet externally either in an aml file or a simple txt file. You can then copy and paste this snippet in any job that you would like to have this functionality. 

    Currently there is no way to save a snippet of code for reuse within the software (outside of the methods mentioned above). 

  • RE: Connection Lost when connecting to sFTP server using SSH key

    Hello Sherwin,

    When running from task builder, there are two major differences from when running live.
    1. It will run as the logged on user. With this in mind, what is the default user for running tasks? If you are not sure, please right click on the task, select properties, then select logon. What user is set there? If it references the default user, navigate to options/default properties/default user. Is this user the same user you are currently logged on as? If not, please temporarily, as a test, set up your currently logged on user credentials to run the task and see if it runs successfully. If it does, then that means that there is a difference in permissions between the default user, and the currently logged on user.
    2. It will run in the foreground. This means that it is not running in the background. With this in mind, right click on the task, select properties, then logon. Check the logon properties. Are they set up to run in the background? If so, please change them to:
    Logged on user
    Unlock as specified user
    Logon as specified user
    Save these setting and run your task again. If it completes successfully, it means that script cannot run in the background and needs a logged on session in order to run correctly.
  • RE: sFTP file exists as a condition

    Hello Jose,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Is it possible to please send us your steps to review the setup and for us to replicate internally? You can send the info to [email protected]

    There is a newer version, 11.5, that was just released. We will test in this latest version. 

    In the meantime, I would use the original answer provided by Leonard. Create a dataset based off of a long list, then use an if condition to evaluate whether the file you are looking for is there. 

  • RE: Connection Lost when connecting to sFTP server using SSH key

    Hello Sherwin,

    This depends largely on the necessities of the server. In other words, if the server doesn't require an additional password for a 3rd party tool such as AutoMate to connect, then there is no need to input this information into AutoMate. However, security issues are largely related to the algorithms being used. We have noted that many servers are being upgraded to use the latest and greatest ciphers/algorithms, and AutoMate may not have those available as of yet. If you find this is the case, please send us a list of needed ciphers/algorithms to [email protected], and we will be happy to add them. 

  • RE: Managing permissions by folder

    Hello James,

    Permissions within AutoMate will always follow the most restrictive rule set. So if the user is denied permissions for the overall workflows, then given access to a folder, the folder has been granted access but the workflows are their own separate objects. Unfortunately there is no way around this outside of giving the user less restrictive permissions on a global level then denying whatever the user doesn't have access to individually. This would be the same type of issue however, as you would then get into individual objects and folders needing to be adjusted. 

    We would be happy to review your security setup with you via support session if you would like. If so, please send us your availability via email to [email protected]

  • RE: Compare values in two Spreadsheets

    Hello Jared,

    This would be accomplished with a loop within a loop of two separate datasets. 

    Make sure that there are no additional spaces before or after the values, as even a space will cause a mismatch. The text must match exactly, if not, it will not trigger the "if condition". 

    If you continue having issues, please send your availability - including timezone - to [email protected]. Please reference this thread in the email.

  • RE: Automate 11 monitoring queue

    Hello Alexandru,

    Are you running interactive jobs in the background? If so, that will cause the task to get "stuck". Please try changing the log on settings to the tasks getting stuck to:

    Logged on user

    Logon as specified user

    Unlock as specified user

    You will find these settings when right clicking on a task, selecting properties, then logon. 

    If that doesn't resolve the issue, please email us at [email protected] with your availability for the next 5 business days (including timezone), so we may schedule a support session to review further.


  • RE: Web browser driver upgrade failed

    Hello Rafael,

    Just to doublecheck, have you followed the following instructions to upgrade the browser:

    The process for manually installing this driver is as follows:

    • Go to https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/chromedriver/downloads
    • Download the latest released win32 ChromeDriver
    • Unzip the archive
    • Place the ChromeDriver.exe file into the following location:
      • Automate: C:\ProgramData\Automate\Automate 11\WebDrivers\x86
      • Agent: C:\ProgramData\Automate\Automate Agent 11\WebDrivers\x86
      • Automate Enterprise: C:\ProgramData\Automate\Automate Enterprise 11\WebDrivers\x86

    If so, is there any kind of pattern to the behavior you are seeing?

  • RE: No Support for the request

    Hello Rafael,

    Was this task working at one point? Or is it new? 

    If you run the task in task editor mode, does it work there?

    What action is the one giving the error?

  • RE: Firefox under Remote Control does not save changes (download folder, proxy server, etc)

    Hello Gabriele,

    Let's review the issue via a remote session. Please send your availability for the next 5 business days, including timezone, to [email protected], so we may schedule a support session..

    To answer your questions, when running in task builder, the task will run as the logged on user. Are you logged on as the user that has the appropriate security clearance?

    When running from outside of task builder, the logon settings of the task will take effect. What user are the logged on setting set to? is it the correct user?