• RE: Setting up a "Loop through dataset" for FTP

    Here is the code that works if you are doing a "loop through" on the network.


    <!--<AMFILESYSTEM ACTIVITY="get" SOURCE="Z:\PRIVATE\Ashley\APA\Processd" RESULTDATASET="netauto" FILEPROPERTY="creationtime" />-->
    <!--<AMSET VARIABLENAME="var_counter">1</AMSET>-->
    <!--<AMLOOP TYPE="DATASET" DATASET="netauto">-->
    <!--     <AMLOOP TYPE="FOLDER" FOLDER="Y:\FrmClrHs\RemProc\ChrisTest" RESULTVARIABLE="var_filename">-->
    <!--<AMFILESYSTEM ACTIVITY="read_file" FILE="%netauto.Fullname%" RESULTVARIABLE="var_index1" />-->
    <!--          <AMSET VARIABLENAME="var_datedifference">%DateDiff(&quot;d&quot;, netauto.CreationTime, var_fileoutputdate)%</AMSET>-->
    <!--          <AMIF EXPRESSION="%var_datedifference% &gt; 30">-->
    <!--               <AMFILESYSTEM ACTIVITY="delete" SOURCE="%netauto.Fullname%" />-->
    <!--          </AMIF>-->


    What I'm trying to do is this same process, only, AFTER, I connect to an FTP/SFTP site.


    Logically, once connected, the path in the "source" command, should put me in the correct location.  However, it doesn't seem to be working.


    The ultimate goal is to have the script logon to the FTP/SFTP  site, access a specific folder, determine which files in that folder are over X amount of days old, and then, move or delete them.


    Thanks for your time!



  • Setting up a "Loop through dataset" for FTP

    I have a working loop through dataset that works on any of my network locations.


    I'm trying to set this same process up to work AFTER I access an FTP site.  After I logon to the site, the "Get" step fails because it thinks the path does not exist. (it does)  I'm looping through a folder to move/delete files that are older than a certain amount of days.


    I'm wondering if this is due to the FTP process and I need more steps added to get to the folder at the end of the path, or, if this is something that isn't possible.


    I'm using


    Thanks for any advice you can give!

  • SFTP issues

     I'm able to successfully "logon" when using either a password or a public key.

    However, when I try to set up the "upload" or "download" process, and I built the location the same way as the "logon" process, I keep getting an error code 10058.

    I was getting this error on the "logon" process, but, got that corrected. 

    Anyone have any idea why I can setup the "logon" step, and have it work successfully, but not the "upload" step?

    Trust me, I've had 4 sets of eyes confirming that all the settings are the same.